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Istanbul Photography For The Sweet Honeymoon From Seoul to Istanbul

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Istanbul photography is what made our year. When we decided to go to Istanbul for a honeymoon to save all memories was our first idea from the trip. Honeymoon is one of the memories that never you can feel the moments again and save memories you can shoot them. For finding Istanbul photography I searched many websites, but I have found Abbas from Airbnb. We arrange the time and submit for the photography and were sure about everything. I should mention that one of the reasons we have chosen Abbas was the great photography and editing of his Istanbul photography. We fly from Seoul to Istanbul and the next day was our photography season. An unpredicted happening could change our fun day, Choi, My husband lost his expensive watch and were not on the mood of photography anymore, I massaged Abbas and described the situation but he kindly said he will join us to solve the problem and talk with hotel to find it faster and then we can go to photo season. It was interesting characteristic and we joined Abbas to have photo season.

We went to the blue mosque, Hagia Sophia and many other Istanbul hidden gems where was great for Istanbul photography. Abbas was with us for many hours and we had great shoots which saved our memories forever sweet and interesting. When we receive our images and when we review them it was exactly like repeating our honeymoon moments and I am sure that many years later when we will check them again it will be sweet as today. Istanbul is great city for a honeymoon because you will find out that experiencing their romantic and great culture is what you can never forget. People are very kind and the hotels have special rooms for the honeymoon which has different options for married couples. Istanbul nights and especially Taksim street nights and street music bands full of tourists from all around the world is what will make your romantic days complete. The Turkish culture was very interesting for us because before that time just I saw some youtubes and documentaries within some Istanbul photography, but when we faced it, was very different from what we imagined, they have so many differences with our own culture and this difference will not shock you also it will make a sensitive and memorable times. The other interesting point for me was Istanbul architecture, I didn’t saw such architecture before. The historical Islamic architecture mixed with modern Ideas makes Istanbul a shining city for tourists.

The city is very crowd and full of tourists from all around the world, but the city is very clean and has cool management for tourist services that we had a very law range of problems in finding places or visiting the sightseeing. When we came back from photography we decided to message Abbas to appreciate his behavior, the message content was this “ I arrived Korea yesterday well. Thanks for your kindness and nice photos! I am very glad to see and get them. Really appreciate and nice to see you again. If we go to Istanbul next time, let’s meet again and talk. Once again thank you and hope you everything will be great.”

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