Memories of an American family about an Istanbul photographer
Taksim Square Tramway

Memories of an American family about an Istanbul photographer

Istanbul photographer was an entertaining thing that I was searching to shoot and save our memories from travel to Istanbul and Turkey. Firstly I searched on and accidentally I saw a photographer who had great photographs better than others in graphic and quality but what another option was interesting to me was that he knows Persian very well indeed he knows English and Turkish too, It was a lucky found to me because my husband was Persian.

When I told Mehrdad that I find such an Istanbul photographer from the web, without any thinking he asked me to book the Istanbul Photography time from his website. When we arrived in Istanbul, we called Abbas and Fixed a time to start shooting from our memories.

I was sure about the qualities because I saw them before on the website, but what was important for me was the Istanbul photographer characteristic. When you travel to a country to have a vocation or relaxing it is very important to not have bad memories, so the services from the hotel to a taxi driver in Istanbul can make you a sad memory. Everything was great and cool in Istanbul with historical places of Istanbul and other entertainments that there have, but realistically Abbas attached our memories in our mind. He was very kind and sincere and we met each other on time in the hotel.

Firstly, we fixed a two-hour photography time, but he kindly accepted to be with us till the 10 p.m and so many hours in different places like Ciragan Place, Ortakoy Mosque, Bosphorus view, Taksim Square, Istiklal Caddesi, Galata Tower, Galata Bridge, and Istanbul view. Abbas knows Istanbul touristic with photogenic views more than anyone. It was a great gift from Julia to Mehrdad and we will have these photos forever from a great traveling to Istanbul. The other point that I can mention in the literature and patience of Abbas as an Istanbul photographer. We have many travels to many countries but, when you are with your husband the acting and characteristic of a photographer is very important that you feel free and kindly as an old friend to have great and cool times together. Abbas was like an old friend of Mehrdad and he brought a smile on our lips with his photography.

If I want to talk briefly about Istanbul, I can mention that with a great history from Osmania to modern days of Turkey every day you Istanbul has a schedule to make you shocked. The great mosques from Islamic culture to artistic and beautiful places and the museums. People of Istanbul are one of the kindest people all around the world and you can feel this warm acceptance from the people that are so far from racism and they help you as much as they can. The other memorable time of Istanbul is near the sea when you can see lovely people from all around the world and the Istanbul itself which are looking to sunset with their couples. The Istanbul memories with a professional Istanbul Photographer was one of the unforgettable memories of us.

Mehrdad & Julia 29 April 2019

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  1. Nobody can visit Istanbul without thinking of memorizing this visit. It was by chance that I found the page “Istgrapher” and I fell in love with the photos. These photos show that Abbas is someone who is professional, passionate and who knows what he’s doing. In addition to his knowledge of the city .. The next time I’m in Istanbul, I will not miss a photo shoot with him.😊

    1. Thank you so much Houda, I hope I can see you soon.

      1. Inşhallah 😁

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